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Zombie Sling Chop!Zombie Heads Are Your Ammo!

In Zombie Sling Chop you must defend yourself against unrelenting hoards of
zombies bashing down your front door. A guillotine attached to your front
door allows you to decapitate the zombies one by one.  As heads roll they fill a basket
under the living room window where a slingshot is ready and waiting
to fling the decapitated zombie heads as projectiles towards
the hoards of zombies out in the streets.  Endless free play from BrainBusta Games. 


A 50 mission UFO style zombie game setting the players
as pilot of their own UFO in a quest to rid the universe of infected
races of Aliens who now command zombie infected space craft.
EMPs, shiled controls, speed controls and other special weapons
will give the that edge you need to succeed.

Zombie Bees

Based on an actual phenomenon that occurred several years ago where
scientists found a fungus was infecting Bees and turning them into Zombies (Google It)
This games is set up as a Tower Defense game pitting you in 50 levels of 
difficulty against literally millions of zombie bees. Can you defeat this game?